Tunnel Mountain Resort – Canadian Rockies Chalets in Banff National Park
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Tunnel Mountain Resort – Banff Suite Accommodations
Views of the Canadian Rockies from the Tunnel Mountain Resort in Banff National Park.






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Views of the Canadian Rockies from the Tunnel Mountain Resort in Banff National Park.
Travel Tips
Park Pass
If you are driving into Banff Park, you will be required to stop and buy a park permit.

Banff Upper Hot Springs Rafting

Photo Opportunities
Have a camera at all times! You never know when you will cross paths with a herd of elk, a deer and her fawn or a family of mountain goats. Please use extreme caution and keep at least 50 feet from these wild animals.

Canada is Metric!
With the exception of grocery stores, which often list prices per pound, or ounce, all measurements in Canada are metric.

Some common conversions include:

1 mile = 1.6 kilometre so 100 kilometres per hour = 62.5 miles per hour

1 U.S. gallon = 3.8 litres

32 degrees Fahrenheit = 0 degrees Celsius

50 degrees Fahrenheit = 10 degrees Celsius

80 degrees Fahrenheit = 30 degrees Celsius

National Park Regulations
It is against the law to collect natural objects including flowers, rocks, and artifacts. It is also illegal (and dangerous) to feed the wildlife. People planning to fish must have a national parks fishing license. Hunting is strictly prohibited.

Entry Regulations For Visitors
U.S. citizens need a passport to enter Canada.

Visitors from outside of North America are required to have a valid passport and may also require visas or alien cards. Check with the nearest Canadian Consulate before leaving for Canada.

What will the weather be like?
Summertime in the Rockies can be quite pleasant with highs of up to 32 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) in the months of July and August. However when the sun goes down the temperature drops rapidly. Be prepared by packing sweaters or sweatshirts and at least a light jacket for the evening.

The Banff / Jasper area is rather dry (average humidity) but we typically have very little wind and lots of blue skies.

What kind of vehicle will we need?

The roads from Calgary to Banff, Jasper and surrounding towns are in excellent condition, paved and well maintained. A regular car is adequate.

Is there any sales tax?
All accommodation in Banff is subject to a taxable 2% Tourism Improvement Fee. Accommodation in Alberta is subject to a 4% Provincial Room Tax. There is also a 5% Federal Goods and Services Tax.

What about currency exchange?
You can get money exchanged at local banks (open Monday through Friday) or various currency exchanges in the town of Banff and Jasper.

Skiing Snowboarding

Will we see any animals?
Part of the wonder of Banff National Park and its surrounding area is the presence of animals all throughout the park. Some of the common animals are: Elk, Deer, Beavers, Bighorn Sheep, Pika, Marmots, Martens and Bear.

Please remember that it is unlawful to feed the wildlife.

What is the elevation in Banff?
The town sits 1384 metres (4593 feet) above sea level.

What time zone will we be in?
The entire province of Alberta is in the Mountain Time Zone. Daylight savings time is in effect from the first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October.
Tunnel Mountain Resort – Banff Suite Accommodations
Views of the Canadian Rockies from the Tunnel Mountain Resort in Banff National Park.
Tunnel Mountain Resort
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